client Village Green Partners

project  Explore Sewickley Marketing Campaign

goal Develop third generation advertising campaign across print and digital media.

Contracted by Village Green Partners to take over the Explore Sewickley marketing campaign designs — previously initiated by a large Pittsburgh design agency — I was responsible for the second generation of street banners, printed advertisements and website improvement.

After much success within the community — increasing local knowledge of the town’s business and events, and increasing their following on social media channels — Village Green Partners wanted to revamp the look to be brighter, more hip and modern. This third generation of design focused on the town’s businesses, events, and restaurants as a whole, whereas the previous campaign showcased featured business who paid for the additional advertising.

Collaborating with Village Green staff, we started by developing a series of icons and modifying the previous color palette to be brighter and more cheery. The logo was revamped to “Explore Sewickley 15143” from the previous “Explore Sewickley — Discover Something New.” The accompanying website is currently in development to be launched June 2013.

Overall, the campaign has been successful, with record attendance for their yearly events, increasing social media followers, and more new businesses moving into previously vacant storefronts.